Barbera d'alba


Variety: BARBERA
Vineyard: LA MORRA - BOIOLO 


IMPROVING AND FERMENTATION: it takes place in tanks of steel for 7/8 days. The maceration coincides with the duration of the fermentation; during this process it makes a lot of pumpings over because they are important to improve extraction of the natural color. After fermentation the wine has a process of malolactic fermentation in a natural way and in the end it is put 3/4 months in wooden barrels for aging.

CHARACTERISTICS: this wine is different from other wines for his red colour with purple reflections. It is easy to drink and it adapts well with whatever food, because it presents balanced and fresh flavor and smelling like cherries and prunes.


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Bosco Pierangelo


Borgata Boiolo, 1 - 12064 - La Morra (CN)
TEL e FAX +39 0173.509531
P.IVA 02403030048 




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©2014 PROTON