Barolo Boiolo


Vineyard: LA MORRA - BOIOLO 


FERMENTATION AND AGING: it takes place in tanks of steel at a controlled temperature for 14/15 days till the end of the alcoholic fermentation. Twice a day a repassing of must over grapes dregs takes place. This operation helps to have a good extraction of colouring agents and tannins. After the drawing the wine is stocked for about 2 month in the steel in order to complete the fermentation.
Every wines from BOSCO PIERANGELO winery are made without selectioned yeasts. The fermentation is natural.

MATURITY: at the end of this process the wine refines for 24/28 months in barriques (small oak barrels): 50% in new barriques and 50% in old barriques. During this period the wine is transferred at least once to avoid reductions. Barolo is bottled 6 months before its entrance into market in order to have a further ageing of some months.

CHARACTERISTICS: Barolo tends to be a rich wine can be drunk after a long time from the vintage, but which carries his typical flavour of Piedmont since its entrance into the market. It's garnet red and deeply concentrated. It smells of flowers, with aromas of plum, small fruits and spices. It is a full-bodied wine, with pronounced tannins and acidity, which are signs of long length.


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Bosco Pierangelo


Borgata Boiolo, 1 - 12064 - La Morra (CN)
TEL e FAX +39 0173.509531
P.IVA 02403030048 




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