Bosco PierangeloThe lands of our winery belong to the Bosco family for three generations.

Pietro Bosco, who was born in La Morra, in 1898 in Boiolo hamlet from Bosco Costanzo and Margherita, was founder of our family business. In 1948 he began to renew the vineyards which were damaged by the phylloxera, a vine louse. The implantations resulted to be innovative for that time. Some of them are still used. In 1968 his son Costanzo succeeded his faher and bought neighbouring lands, extending the properties up to 3 hectares of vineyards.

In 1994 Pierangelo took the place of his father. He decided to restore the old farmstead and to plant new vineyards. The company reached 8 hectares in 10 years. Pierangelo started to vinify a small amount of Nebbiolo, choosing the grapes with the best exposure. In 2004 he reached a good quality level and he decided to produce about 2500 bottles of Barolo Boiolo.

Bosco Pierangelo


Borgata Boiolo, 1 - 12064 - La Morra (CN)
TEL e FAX +39 0173.509531
P.IVA 02403030048




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