The Bosco Pierangelo vineyards  are located in a single field , on southeast-facing slopes, in Borgata Boiolo in the municipality of La Morra. The winery is located in one of the most suggestive of  Langa, that area in 2014 Became part of the Unesco World Heritage.

The working techniques used are made with high attention for the enviroment and in all vineyards we make just organic fertilization. All jobs in the vineyards are made by hand with special attention to pruning,  thinning of the bunch and the harvest.


Bosco Pierangelo -

Bosco Pierangelo


Borgata Boiolo, 1 - 12064 - La Morra (CN)
TEL e FAX +39 0173.509531
P.IVA 02403030048 




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©2014 PROTON